Low floor, high ceiling
by gordonbombay (2017-08-11 14:03:35)
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  In reply to: Being as realistic and objective as possible...  posted by Irisharab

I think it's within the realm of possibility that Wimbush is awesome, that Elko's changes take pretty well on defense, that we catch a couple of lucky in-game breaks, and that the schedule falls in such a way that we finish 11-1. I don't think that's remotely likely, but it's possible.

I also think it's possible some stupid screw-up costs us the Georgia game and that some combination of a hangover, bad luck and general stupidity that we've come to expect this decade costs us at least 1 of the following 2 games and the season goes completely belly-up, resulting in another 4-8. Again, not remotely likely but possible.

Given we seem to be stuck in eternal purgatory, I suspect we'll play really well at times, really crappy at others, not win any games against comparable/better talent, and finish 8-4, resulting in no real changes in the program.


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