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by Buckeyejohn05 (2017-08-11 13:49:32)
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  In reply to: you lost me at easy recruiting and low fan expectations  posted by chaseball

Easy recruiting --ND will always be a desirable destination for recruits, and ND can still recruit a very high caliber of recruit.

The coaches also don't have to worry about pulling their hair out chasing risky recruits because the school won't enroll them, so there is some comfort there for coaches. Generally, ND recruits serious student athletes. ND's problems have always been in development and scheme , not recruiting .

Expectations--I do believe that ND wants to win a National Championship, but the game is in the sewer . I don't think they want to be OSU , Clemson or Alabama who have sold out to win championships. I could be wrong, but I think ND would prefer to a be consistent 10 win program who makes a NC appearance once every 7 years or so, which is a pretty reasonable goal.

Kelly would never be in year 7 at those schools coming off a 4-8 record.


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