That is how they do it elsewhere too.
by Domer84 (2017-08-11 13:31:47)
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I've had several children at Mississippi State and they have a giant video board in one endzone.In addition to being obnoxiously loud, everything is sponsored.

For example, after a play, everyone looks to the video board for the replay. Before the replay appears, a corporate logo, such as State Farm, will appear with the words "This replay courtesy of State Farm ". So every replay shot is sponsored by someone. In addition, at halftime, the video board is filled with another giant logo and the words "Grey Daniels Toyota presents the Maroon Band!". So they even sell the band.

The worst part is, of course, the actual commercials that play during timeouts. A few years ago, I saw Dan Mullen doing a commercial for a local dentist's office. It was kind of weird watching the coach on the field talking to his players while his 25-foot head was busy shilling orthodontic treatments.

And I can only imagine how much the ND Band is going to be shoved further aside because the administration has to use their shiny new toy every time there's a break in the action.


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