8 wins floor - 10 wins ceiling.
by JC (2017-08-11 13:29:13)
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  In reply to: Being as realistic and objective as possible...  posted by Irisharab

As for part B, and the reason for my relative optimism is that I truly believe that we were a poorly conditioned team last year. We had leads in 9 of 12 games, but couldn't put 60 minutes of football together. I think you will see that change so much so that you won't see a 1 point loss to Navy, blow a 17 point second half lead, let a shit team up off the mat, etc. I believe you will see better conditioning pay dividends on the field. We can't be much worse in terms of conditioning than last year.

I also believe we will beat Georgia, Kirby Smart has much to prove to me, but we will lose a game that we have no business losing, e.g., BC, Wake, Navy (we should NEVER lose to Navy).

Anything less than 10 wins with 2 competitive, 4th quarter losses plus a bowl win, will be a fail in my eyes.


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