Not a chance in heck.
by wearendhockey (2017-08-11 12:22:58)
Edited on 2017-08-11 12:25:15
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  In reply to: This has to be the year the streak ends, right?  posted by DomerJon

Even faced with 20,000 empty seats the administration will claim a sellout. Their new ticket partner will help be the vehicle than ensures the dubious claim continues. They "sold" an additional 5000 seats to Vivid, what Vivid does with them doesn't matter. The lying sports organizations do to justify inflated attendance figures has reached the level of an art-form. There could be 40,000 people in the stands for a game and Notre Dame will continue to claim the game is "sold out." I've already seen it happen at hockey games. The CFIA holds over 5000 people when "sold out." I have seen games there where there were clearly 1500 empty seats and somehow they claimed the attendance was 5000. I have seen them claim 4000 were there and the place was less than half filled. 2500 don't buy tickets and then all fail to show up.


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