Three encouraging quotes:
by YinzKeenanVisor (2017-08-11 10:58:22)
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Re: controversial plays

"We're gonna show it. We'll show it again," Bonner said. "We're not gonna show it so much that an official is going to feel like there's a riot about to happen."

Re: the lunch lady recognitions

"If we just had an incredible pick six touchdown, I'm sorry, I'm not going to that science professor at that point," Bonner said. "I've heard the comments, 'We've lost our home field advantage.' I'm here to make sure we continue to foster that home field advantage, bring it back, so to speak."

Re: tastefulness

"I've worked for some pretty classic brands," Bonner said. "They're conservative organizations. I've never been about the flashy. Call it a safe approach. Call it a conservative approach. It's appropriate. Appropriate show for that venue."

Hopefully that's not lip service.


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