Now if they could just rename the team and keep separate
by Moff (2017-08-10 22:18:14)
Edited on 2017-08-10 22:51:10
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  In reply to: Locker room renovation video (link)  posted by BigNDfan

records and statistics, the break from the past will be complete. Love the pimptastic neon lights and video screens. That will probably land the top recruits that the yellow sparkly shoes, backward facing Leprechaun helmets, 1987 Miami smoke machine, fake grass, jumbotron, jock rock, canceled masses, equipment truck visits, and fortress of isolation at the Gug failed to produce as promised. Despite all those epic changes, even the guy who goes easiest on Kelly is predicting three losses because of lack of talent at various positions.

It looks like a maze with the open area removed. Is there a large open area somewhere in there where everyone can gather around and see Kelly, or will there be halftime berating out the field at home as well?

Speaking of forgone donations to homeless shelters, how much did the Good Father(s) authorize be spent on this dressing room that is used about 12 hours a year?


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