To be clear, I think that there is a source.
by NDMike2001 (2015-01-02 14:10:01)
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  In reply to: There isn't a source  posted by jmset3

And I think that this was an issue/story over a month ago, but nothing since then.

That being said, I believe that the OP was simply looking for a reason to drum up old news.

If Kelly had actually interviewed, then he would have been mad about it (justifiably so) and posted as much.

If Kelly floated a new rumor about interest (which hasn't happened to my knowledge) he would have bitched about it.

If Kelly was actually identified as a candidate somewhere, he would have asked the team to take him.

With none of those options available, he went with "Kelly looks pathetic" because he's apparently not getting (or I suppose accepting) an interview.

Another option would have been "Kelly is really playing his cards right by setting the table for a successful 2015, putting himself in line to succeed Coughlin at the Giants."

Lots of ways to make sausage here.


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