A couple ideas
by IrishTrpt07 (2015-01-02 13:54:38)
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  In reply to: Semi-OT: It's the offseason (or at least close)  posted by El Kabong

  1. Mute Threads
    Similar to how the ignore poster used to work, have a function to mute a thread and only show the original post but none of the responses. There are times when a subthread can take over the page. If I'm not interested in the discussion, I can hide it from view and still browse the rest of the page quickly.

  2. View all posts by author
    Be able to select a poster's handle, and browse all the posts that poster had written. Can be by board or across all boards. For instance: Olson and Walsh69 have great contributions. I'd like to be able to see all their contributions in case I missed some.

  3. A Master Board
    There is the option to view posts by most recently posted first. Apply this same concept, but display posts from all the available boards. This way, there can be one page to get updates about football, basketball, randomness, etc.


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