I went back and looked at TCU and tOSU rankings through this
by trout (2015-01-02 13:09:16)
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  In reply to: Next Year's Preseason Ranking Guesses?  posted by SMH_Irish

past season.

Hard to believe TCU was 4-8 in 2013, thus they were unranked in the preseason poll. They made the AP poll by week 6 at number 25. Eventually they got as high as 3 in the CFP poll

On the other hand. Ohio State started 5 and 6 in the AP and Coaches poll respectively.

After losing to VA Tech they fell into the 20's and slowly worked there way back into the playoff hunt with most of the talking heads giving them little chance to make it.

So it seems you have a shot at the playoff from anywhere on the board assumming you win out (go undefeated) or lose less thas those ahead of you and don't get screwed by the politics (e.g. TCU)


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