Bryant has produced when he got the chance
by ghop (2015-01-02 12:59:38)
Edited on 2015-01-02 13:09:09
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but even when he does well, he doesn't seem to earn more carries. Perhaps that is why he tries to break a big one on every carry. I did some quick research:

Purdue: Bryant in on one drive in the first quarter, 4 carries, 20 yards, ND scores a TD. 2nd quarter, one drive, 2 carries, 8 yards, ND scores TD. 3rd quarter, one drive, one carry, 8 yards, ND scores TD. 4th quarter, Bryant has one carry for a 17 yard TD. 8-71, 1 TD.

Michigan: 8-19. Folston was 9-17.
Purdue: one series in 2nd quarter, 4 carries for 24 yards. One series in 3rd quarter, 2 carries for 5 yards. 6-29.

Syracuse: 1st quarter, 1 carry for 6 yards. 2nd quarter, one series, 6 carries, 30 yards, fumble. 4th quarter, one series, 4 carries, 21 yards, Golson throws pick, McDaniel in next series. 11-55.

Stanford: 4 series, 6 carries for 14 yards.

UNC: 1st quarter, 1 carry for 5 yards. 2nd quarter, one series, 2 carries for 12 yards scored TD. One carry for the rest of the game for -4 yards. 4-13, TD.

FSU: 1-2.
Navy: 0-0.
ASU: 0-0.
NW: 1-5.

USC: 2nd quarter, 2 series, on the first he had 2 carries for 11 before Golson fumbled. On the second, he had one carry for 4 yards, Zaire scored a few plays later. 3rd quarter, one series, 3 carries, 44 yards, TD. 4th quarter, one carry, 20 yards. 7-79, TD.

LSU: 2-2.

I think that Bryant is the kind of back that needs to be fed the ball and find a rhythm. I'm not saying that he should eat too much into Folston's carries, but he seems to do better when he gets the ball on a sustained, rather than one or two and done, basis.


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