Well my wife would say this is dead on (Link)
by closesttodome (2015-01-02 12:46:38)
Edited on 2015-01-02 12:50:08
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But she followed the hallowed footsteps of Jerry Springer to Tulane and Northwestern, so what does she know?

Link - An Honest Coach Introduction Speech

My favorite quote, "I’ll do my best to get good players. I’d love to say I’m going to dominate the region and also mine football-rich states like Florida, Texas and California. But I’m not sure how realistic any of that is. I just want you all to have realistic expectations. Every coach in the country is trying to do the same thing. I’ll probably get a proportional share of the talent out there. That’s it. And even some of the four and five-star guys I bring in might turn out to not be all that great. Because, let me tell you, recruiting and recruit evaluation is a total junk science. Remember that when one of my “big-time” recruits doesn’t pan out. That’s not necessarily on me. That’s on the idiots who claimed he was a superstar at 16."


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