Believe it or not, I saw him play in a HS game
by ACross (2015-01-02 12:29:08)
Edited on 2015-01-02 13:21:40
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  In reply to: A couple thoughts about last night's late game  posted by pmcdnd96

He went to a non-denominational (Waspy) prep school here in STL, John Burroughs. John Burroughs's rival school was my sister in law's school. The game is considered a big one amongst alumni of the two schools. My SIL was a senior so I was obliged to go.

Not sure what his background is, but if his parent(s) thought enough about his education to have him attend Burroughs, he might have been a good fit for ND.

He ran for about a million yards that day, and scored about a dozen TD. He was lightning fast. He was already committed to OSU by then, if I recall. I actually commented about him on this board. Because being recognized as a talent evaluator is important to me.

It was the first HS game I had attended in years and sorry cj but I doubt I'll do it again any time soon.


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