Ezekial Elliot was a heavy ND lean at one point
by Hanratty5ND (2015-01-02 11:16:46)
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  In reply to: A couple thoughts about last night's late game  posted by pmcdnd96

This was March of 2012. He visited ND for a junior day--March 24th-2012.

He was on commit watch that weekend according to the ND recruiting sites.

ND was recruiting RB Ryan Green from St Pete FL and Ty Isaacs from IL.
Word is that ND was waiting on Green, so they slow played Elliot a bit--even though he had an offer.

The other snag with Elliot came when ND told him they liked him as an ATH. RB/DB. Elliot wanted to hear RB only.

He left ND after meeting Kelly without committing. That surprised some....so he goes to OSU the next weekend(March 31-2012) and Urban gives him the hard sell: 'Be my next Percy Harvin'... 'You will be the only RB I recruit.' It worked. Elliot Committed the next day to OSU.

Kelly put the soft sell on(reportedly). Urban went for the jugular. Game over. ND tried to get back in in and had a small opening a few months later, but that closed.
ND did well in getting both Folston and Bryant. But neither has Elliot's top end speed. But as noted--I'm not sure Elliot wouldn't be doing what Bryant has done in Kelly's offense. Next to nothing.


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