2 things on these points
by ndgotrobbedin97 (2015-01-02 11:05:52)
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  In reply to: A couple thoughts about last night's late game  posted by pmcdnd96

I said last night that Saban's starting QB would have been 4th string at best at OSU. Awful. I hadn't been impressed by what I saw of him during the year, but the SEC bores me (for whatever reason....always has) and I hadn't watched a full game until last night. No arm, not much pocket presence and he wasn't much of a runner for a guy that couldn't throw much. That was by far the difference in the game.

On Bryant....I love his potential, and I realize his carries have been limited, but whenever he does touch the ball I'm usually left wishing he'd have done more with it. I can't justify taking carries away from Folston if Bryant isn't going to get the yards Folston already is.

I sat there the other day thinking exactly that....what carries that Folston got would I have given to Bryant, and would Bryant have done something with them?

You can say the kid needs a chance to prove himself, but I think on any team the kid behind the starter needs to do something with the chances he gets to prove he deserves MORE playing time/carries, and he has to offer more than the starter already is. I just can't say I've seen much of that with Bryant. Folston has been incredibly solid so it's hard for me to argue for Bryant.


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