I'll say it again...
by Brahms (2015-01-02 10:59:46)
Edited on 2015-01-02 11:02:13
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  In reply to: A couple thoughts about last night's late game  posted by pmcdnd96

...I think with a bona fide OC we could "be in the conversation" on a regular basis (especially since I think Kelly will not give us the game plan we saw against FSU or LSU again for a long time).

We are also sadly in need of a bona fide STs coach.

We have many of the pieces in place. We are largely lacking on X's and O's.

(BTW: note that, yet again, ND assistants leave ND to go on and become world-beaters elsewhere under different HC's -- Hart, Wariner, Hinton, Polian, etc.).


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