Stanford wrote the book on stopping Oregon
by Irish Warrior (2015-01-02 10:51:14)
Edited on 2015-01-02 10:54:30
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  In reply to: I expect Ohio St. to win  posted by Groundhog

It starts with defensive penetration & disruption of their read option game! Controlling tempo with offense is only part of the battle. If OSU can't slow down Oregon's read option game, it leaves the rest of their offensive game open, specifically play action passing. Even if they can penetrate & slow it down, Marriota's good enough to keep & punish OSU. If OSU can slow down Marriota too, then they switch to running outside. The problem is, eventually Oregon's offense will click & once it does, that's when their tempo comes into play. Stanford was good enough the last 2 years on defense to slow them down, but not this year. The other thing to keep in mind, their defense is far, far better than people think. FSU was arguably the best second half team in recent memory. Orego's defenses treated them like a chew toy!


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