So you're reading into his "get it fixed now" comment...
by IrishGeek (2017-07-17 14:01:41)
Edited on 2017-07-17 14:01:59
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  In reply to: i thought my post was pretty clear but let's try again  posted by ocdomer78

and concluding from that statement that he's been told by Swarbrick his job is in jeopardy based upon this year's results. Is that a fair statement?

And what makes you think Swarbrick or Kelly are in any way affected by the people who want them both to go? You say it defies logic, but it is what has actually happened. Swarbrick last year openly mocked the Observer ads. In fact, he's been sandbagging already with his "long term" comments and how they've committed to the new assistants. You're drawing a conclusion from some coachspeak Kelly threw out to the alumni club that his job is in trouble.

I was hoping you actually had something more tangible that you'd heard from the inside because just going off Kelly's comments ain't much.


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