My wholly speculative, almost certainly fantastical . . .
by hchstan73 (2017-07-17 10:38:46)
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  In reply to: My guess: It just cost too much to buy him out and  posted by SEE

end of the 2016 season conversation:

JS: Holy crap, Brian! 4 and 8? When I gave you that extension you told me I could count on a playoff run.

BK: Well, the players just didn't execute. . .

JS: Didn't execute. When I told you told you that Van Gorder had to go, I also said execution didn't look like the problem, and passing in a hurricane sure isn't an execution problem. Look, I need you to step down. People are beginning to question my own job security.

BK: Where would I go? No one in the NFL is going to hire me to save a franchise after 4-8. Hell, even ESPN isn't hiring. You will just have to buy me out.

JS: If I go to the BOT with a full buyout only a year after an extension, they will have my head. So, I will give you 1 more year, but you are going to have to agree to resign no matter what and you are going to have agree to some changes to your assistants and your approach. If you can pull off 9-4 or 10-3, maybe you can find an NFL or a lateral college job for a new "CEO Brian Kelly."

BK; Actually, my agent has been saying something similar, but how am I going to find quality assistants, if I have to tell them I will be gone at the end of the year?

JS: Maybe you can find some "up and comers" and we can offer them a 2 or 3 year package with a buyouts that total less than yours.

BK; Worth a shot.



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