Kelly's tone (early vs late)in his ND tenure
by Hanratty5ND (2017-07-16 11:31:14)
Edited on 2017-07-16 11:32:24
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  In reply to: "no reason we can't compete" = "it's no longer our goal"  posted by ndgotrobbedin97

Has anyone noticed how Kelly never even mentions playing for or winning a national title as a goal at ND anymore?

At least the first few years at ND--he constantly talked about playing for and winning a national title. It came up a lot in his PC's and when talking about recruiting.

That all seemed to disappear after the debacle against Alabama and his dalliance with the Eagles.

It's his bosses job to make sure they have a coach with an eye on the goal(national title) and the ability to achieve it. But that's a huge part of the problem too. Kelly's bosses don't give a fuck about winning championships either.


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