"no reason we can't compete" = "it's no longer our goal"
by ndgotrobbedin97 (2017-07-16 09:56:45)
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Pretty sure its as simple as that. Those words were strung together for a reason, so they flowed out of his mouth as they did. If they happen to luck into a title, they'll certainly pat themselves on the back (repeatedly), but does anyone think that this is something akin to a quest for a title?

Hell, if you read his words, 8-4 or even 7-5 seem to be good enough this year, so why would I assume excellence is anywhere on the list of goals. Compare his quotes with what Gene Smith said earlier this summer about staying ahead of the pack. It's just sad that there is a group of people in charge who are striving only to maintain some fictional status for the school, rather than always striving to be the best.

When you aim for the moon, you might not make it, but you'll probably get further than you would if you only aim for the clouds.


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