Yeah, I don't know the right mix either
by jt (2017-07-16 01:19:12)
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  In reply to: They share the hip hinge motion  posted by hawser

we did bigger/stronger/faster in high school (early 90s) and then in college everyone was copying Nebraska at the time and they were big on the Olympic lifts. Right now my son is doing a mix of all of it, including cleans and some other Olympic stuff and I'm not sure if it is good or not; the guy they use at his school has made his name working with some big name guys (Christian McCaffery being the main one) but you don't know if those guys would have been great even without him or if what he is doing is the most effective even for those athletes.

I guess what I was getting at to begin with is that people throw around terms like "power lifting" and blame certain aspects (Longo, BVG, lack of secret sauce) really as a way of making excuses for Kelly all the while giving themselves cover if Kelly really ends up sucking. It's complete crap and it is the same nonsense as "+2 in the box" against Michigan in '13 or the "how can you expect Tuitt to not be overweight? He pulled his groin" nonsense that the same cast of characters completely lap up. I don't know if we're doing power lifting now and were doing crossfit before, I don't know what the ideal mix is, I just know that Kelly has been a complete fuck up pretty much for 8 years and making excuses for him and swallowing his bullshit lines gets people nowhere.


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