They share the hip hinge motion
by hawser (2017-07-16 00:44:46)
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  In reply to: eh, I always kind of think of them as that type of lift  posted by jt

but the power output and how one would program it are not very similar at all. It's closer to a good morning than a snatch or clean in that respect. Very few olympic lifters even deadlift heavy. A couple of Russians are all that I can think of - Klokov and Koklyaev are ones that come to mind.

I don't know what the best mix for a football team is. I did bigger stronger faster in high school and had a former Minnesota Gopher S&C coach in college who was all in on olympic lifting and a half hour of dynamic warmups every session. I don't really care for either.

Thanks for the reply, and I hope this didn't come off as persnickety.


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