Balderdash. Codswallop. Horse hockey
by Camarillo Brillo (2017-07-15 17:07:57)
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  In reply to: Kelly's Mea Culpas and explanations for 4-8  posted by SEE

and just plain bullshit.

You expect us to fall for this crap now? After SEVEN. FUCKING. YEARS?

Anyone who buys one word of this malarkey should immediately turn themselves over to the nearest mental health facility, as you are not safe to be out in public.

He says it's all on him. He says he is not going to be involved in playcalling. He is a fucking lying sack of shit.

We've seen this movie far too many times. It always ends with Brian Kelly throwing his team under the bus because they didn't "execute well enough."

It just never ends.


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