imo He should have run the offense in its' totality. There
by cj (2017-07-15 13:27:27)
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  In reply to: He's saying we are going to run a lot  posted by okerland

aren't enough reps in a spring game to make any tangible difference in the passing game. So, it appears to me that the whole rest of the team may suffer as we go one dimensional on D and O...

For instance, we're installing a new D. If what Long said is true then we may have gotten minimal D reps stopping the run. The trade off I guess is more experience for the secondary...

The good news is that anything should be better than what we did in '16... Long, Elko and Polian have a lot to clean up...

I still crack up at the thought of kelly at O dark thirty doing hand stands and yoga.... I bet that after a hand stand he is his truest shade of purple.


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