Kelly's Mea Culpas and explanations for 4-8
by SEE (2017-07-15 11:16:24)
Edited on 2017-07-15 11:19:02
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From his recent BGI preview interview. Said it was all on him about 15 times.

On changing out coaches: He knew things were slipping, but relative success in 2015 gave him false readings. He felt it was less about loyalty to the former coaches and more him not giving them the right direction.

To wit, on the weight room fiasco: Kids weren't getting enough sleep and they made the decision to give them more autonomy and flexibiility WRT the weight room... which, combined with Longo's limitations, led to less accountability and effort by the kids. They've changed to a highly structured approach with 5 coaches supervising the kids and constant accountability. He said the era of the one all powerful S&C coach is over, you need a team. Of course, he left out the rather salient fact that they also deemphasized power lifting to accommodate BVG's "flexible defender" approach... which put Longo in a bad spot.

Essentially admitted that his need/want to be involved in playcalling (be a fucking tinkerer) necessitated that he spend his time on offense, which means he really wasn't running the whole team nor keeping watch on the defense (If you're counting, at this point he's essentially admitted that he abdicated his responsibility on S&C and defense.) Claims he's not going to be a playcaller this year and trusts Long to do that as he has a knack for it... he was looking for a playcaller.

He didn't mention S/T at all (unless I missed it.)

In sum, he abdicated responsibility for S&C (and forced changes on Longo he couldn't adapt to) by removing accountability, admitted he didn't have oversite of defense and that he was too in the weeds on offense and didn't mention special teams at all.

Gee, wonder how it all got a way from him. Didn't address his overall lack of effort WRT recruiting. Basically seems as if he reduced his role to playcaller.

Changes: He's removed himself at play caller so that he can see and focus on problems across the whole team. He's installed massive accountability around S&C, added a ton of staff and reintroduced power lifting which was deemphasized after Diaco. And hopefully he hired a DC that doesn't completely suck. I'll have notes on that later.


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