Oh c'mon, it's all gonna work out.
by ugoirish (2017-07-14 17:19:16)
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  In reply to: Seriously, the guy seemed lost. In light of the run  posted by cj

You don't have to do the smart thing at Notre Dame because there's magic in the air. You just have to make some change, get the media hype machine going then get the mush heads on the message boards fired up and everyone rides on the glory train.

Haven't you seen the success this has garnered over the last 20 years? He has the imprimatur of Offensive Coordinator at the University of Notre Dame. It doesn't matter that he's been an OC for a grand total of one year... at Memphis. Shit we recently had a lifetime Defensive coach who had spent most of his career in DII as the OC and very few people questioned the sanity of even that.

Start Googlin' quotes and get fired up! Be positive!!


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