Not many teams have won with an "average" college QB
by JBrock18 (2017-07-14 16:31:20)
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  In reply to: That was exactly where I stopped  posted by pmcdnd96

I agree with you, it takes dominant players in the trenches on both sides and that's the foundation you need for being competitive on a week in week out basis, but you have to have a good college quarterback too, regardless of the offensive system you run. I personally don't believe there is any specific order to your list that's correct. To be a great team you need all of those. Where the separation can occur if you lack in one area is great coaching. A great staff can find ways to compensate for a recruiting misfire at certain spots. I want to be clear, I agree with the overall idea of your post, but I don't think the quarterback position can be minimized like that. Look at teams like LSU. They routinely feature every other aspect you mentioned but their QB play has largely been abysmal for some time now and it's likely cost them National Championships.


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