He was a licensed attorney for a couple decades
by ugoirish (2017-07-14 14:49:56)
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who went to what I presume is a top flight law school (all you lawyers can correct me if I'm wrong about Stanford) before he made that insanely stupid 'unremarkable' speech. I'll bet in his mind's eye he thinks he's super competent at everything he does.

I think one of the things we forget is that he had just given dickhead a big extension (I'll bet Kelly can use all the extra length he can get but I digress...). So it wasn't just a matter of losing face on his hire and his 2016 pre-season evaluation, it would have also cost the University some money - perhaps serious money if he did as shitty a job negotiating the contract buy-out language as he's done at every other aspect of his job.


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