I don't think it's that at all
by HTownND (2017-07-14 14:43:54)
Edited on 2017-07-14 14:45:50
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I think ND is at a "crossroads" in that they are transitioning into the Notre Dame of the future and are enduring the pains of that transition as we type and speak.

It is my opinion, that the measurement of success for the AD position at Notre Dame is currently not aligned with the performance of the teams, per se, versus the revenue and perception that matters.

The board is chalk full of successful people who didn't go to ND. They are interested in KPIs and performance metrics around giving, etc, that drive rankings, reputation, and enrollment.

The revenue is still coming in, and even with our absurd pricing and shitastic list of opponents, the revenue will still come in. That is the top of the list for football, and as long as that happens, it doesn't matter if we're 4-8 or 12-1 (although 12-1 is preferred because it means more revenue, but even the revenue at 4-8 is good enough, as long as Malpass can and will earn a great return on it).

It's clear in speaking to other fans and reading other boards, that the fanbase is pretty disparate in their views on what ND should and shouldn't be. ND realizes, with that fractured nature (which they have helped to create) they can continue to focus on revenue without ever defining and clearly articulating championship goals for the program.

Jack isn't making a change because the most important measure of his success is still doing well. We're making money. It all starts and ends there. If they have to piss off a few older alumni to get that revenue, they don't care. The Notre Dame and alumni of the future won't care about that in about 15 years, so they are holding on until then, making a profit.


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