News to me ...
by CJC (2017-07-14 14:07:54)
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Buried in a thread below, El Kabong notes that he frequently meets former Notre Dame football players who tell him that they regularly read this site and encourage him to continue operating the site (and implicitly, at least, endorse the general tone of this site -- which certainly, at the very least, isn't blindly supportive of Notre Dame's administration).

While that doesn't shock me (and I'm aware that a handful of former players posts here), that was news to me.

And it makes me think that it's time for former players to speak publicly and perhaps in a concerted fashion about what is happening to Notre Dame football.

I'm generally not a fan of former players publicly calling for the head of a football coach, but I'm increasingly convinced that these are not ordinary times.

I elaborate further at the linked post.


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