It's not just certain individuals or groups we should hold
by nd71 (2017-07-14 13:51:03)
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  In reply to: You want to be mad at Kelly.  posted by Cash

in contempt but the warped values that have taken over and utterly corrupted something we all held as sacred.

The pursuit of institutional status and revenue increases year over year supplanted the pursuit excellence long ago.

I also place the starting point for this historical shift back to the 80s when Monk and crew ascended the throne. While they raised ND's USNWR standing many rungs in less than five years, oversaw the beginning of ND's endowment meteoric rise, they allowed due to benign neglect the total reversal of increased African American student body numbers from 6% to 1% and the steep increase in rich kid matriculation percentages in less than 10 years.

The lack of any substantive internal or external discussion about these shifts and the decreased impact of ND football program revenue streams on ND's fiscal stability tells me that any change going forward that would embrace excellence must rely on an existential threat to their core values of money and status. This goes well beyond empty seats in the stadium.

This would mean inter alia threatening their USNWR ranking and ability to recruit.


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