I played in the CCL during Ara's time at ND
by Kayo (2017-07-14 12:28:55)
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  In reply to: Ara didn't recruit the Chicago Catholic League much at ND  posted by olson

...and was lucky enough to have him as head coach for three of my four years at Notre Dame.

The Chicago Catholic League was Big Ten turf in those days. Several top coaches, mine included, were Big Ten products; and CCL players generally hoped they would be good enough to be recruited to Big Ten schools.

It didn't help that ND didn't admit women until 1972; and even then, it took a while for women to become a significant percentage of the student body. Unlike most of my ND classmates' Catholic high schools, all of the CCL schools were boys only until well after my graduation. Football players as well as most non-athletes wanted to attend schools that had these mysterious female creatures just to see what it was like.


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