I understand and generally agree with your point of view,
by ACross (2017-07-14 10:53:34)
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believe it or not.

ND does a lot of things right. In fact, as far as the really important things go, the narrow mission of the school, which is undergraduate, values-based education, it is undeniably a world class school, probably second to none and that's certainly something I would hold dear as a father of three current students. It's for these reasons I was so proud when my nephew was admitted this spring.

But I think it's fair to separate those things it does well from those things it undeniably does not. There's nothing incompatible with having football success at Notre Dame with its larger mission described above. So the inquiry becomes why and how we get here. I submit it's the people we have placed in AD and HC positions, and why. We had all sorts of forks in the road - Lynch, Orsini, Saban, Gruden, Stoops, others. It was no accident we chose the wrong fork at every turn, and/or could not persuade better candidates to come to ND.

You know very well that despite its qualities, ND has its defects and dysfunction and insecurities that job or it in the football realm. That doesn't invalidate the institution at large or your progeny's hard work and achievements.

In sum, you know Swarbrick and Kelly blow goats.


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