What does a football program have when it sells its soul?
by Atlantic3 (2015-01-01 21:09:24)
Edited on 2015-01-01 22:00:14
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Or for that matter, a university? All for football glory. The bargain?

We'll suspend for one half our star player after he publicly and very loudly uttered vile sentiments against women. Then reluctantly make that a full game suspension when public pressure demands it. But we'll let him suit up and coach his replacement on the sidelines. But there will be a payoff.

We'll have our head coach refer to that star player as a person of great character when rape allegations surface. And delay a review board meeting until after the conference championship game. Then exonerate him. But there will be a payoff.

The payoff is a National Championship. But then, it does not come. So what is left? An institution with a reputation as nothing more than a front for scumbags. A head coach exposed as a liar and someone without any integrity. Players who quickly disappear into the locker room when the Faustian bargain fails to achieve its desired results. Eventually thousands of empty seats in the stadium as the "fans" disappear just as quickly when the program inevitably rots from within and losses begin piling up.

What do you have? You have Florida State University.


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