The "board" is agnostic
by Jvan (2017-07-13 23:58:33)
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  In reply to: The mediocrity is $&@#ty alumni even more...  posted by beattherush

Strong personalities give it life and make it what it is. While the Ops do not discourage these folks, we do not encourage others with a different view to leave. That has happened naturally. You might recall that people who defended Davie, Willingham, Weis and Kelly were ultimately left with weak or failed arguments. I guess I would leave the board too if I were foolish enough to hitch myself to any of their wagons. I'm sure certain posters grew tired of a losing debate, because the other side was indeed angry and merciless.

The journey has not been entirely negative, though. There have been successes to celebrate and fine student athletes to know and love. As we stand here now, however, things look pretty bleak for those of us who came through ND or solidified our love for ND football in the Ara and Lou years. We weren't born cynical.

I very much agree with your point regarding the larger alumni population. Most old timers here are feeling more and more disenfranchised every year.


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