The mediocrity is $&@#ty alumni even more...
by beattherush (2017-07-13 23:42:23)
Edited on 2017-07-13 23:46:22
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  In reply to: I wish you were correct, but you're not  posted by Jvan

However.... crazychester has a valid point.

jt's post, while I entirely agree with its (ironic) point, is not really the way you are going to convince fellow less-invested alumni that your cause is just. That it is indeed possible to both expect and achieve excellence in character, academics, and athletics all at the same time at Notre Dame.

That tone's been dialed down a few notches over the years, but it is endemic to this board. It is decidedly not a neutral board, despite BoardOps protestations to the contrary. They ring hollow against a long, long track record of fairly aggressive riposte. And every snark, every head on spike furthers Jack's aims.

I get that BoardOps has laid off other viewpoints, and completely agree. I've said so elsewhere on this board today. But that alone is not neutrality. Decent engagement with those who disagree is part of the deal.

Sure, it feels good to demand accountability from somebody, and arguing on the internet leads to some easy wins on your points. But over time it has allowed:

- Other sites to position as "the nice ND" and attract a lot of less-engaged alumni who now self-reinforce mediocrity.

- Jack to dismiss this entire place and its opinions as a bunch of anonymous Internet crazies

- Fence-sitters to declare this place biased based on past behaviors, no matter the present, and take the easy way out and not engage

The governance model here has led to a Balkanized Notre Dame community, and unfortunately there isn't enough critical mass here to win the battle for Notre Dame's return to excellence. It has been great fun, but lousy PR. Apropos of these times I guess.

I want to be quite clear: I do not dispute your collective right as 4+a few to run this place however you want. I hang out here and enjoy it. But I do question mightily its effectiveness as a change agent at Notre Dame. Maybe that's too much to ask of it. But if not here, where?


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