by chicagond99 (2017-07-13 22:27:14)
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  In reply to: This is not a marriage.  posted by Bruno95

I understand your point that a good coach can change things quickly. But it's not always that easy to get the right guy. If we grant Urban his free passes on some questionable recruits, maybe we do have Urban over Charlie. But we didn't (and that's one of our disadvantages) ... and while I would have loved a few NCs over that span, maybe it's best that we don't admit the Aaron Hernandezes of the world into our school. And "Stoops instead of Kelly"? C'mon ... we never had a chance with Stoops. He wasn't going to leave OU for ND. It's tiring listening to the "We should just hire Saban" arguments. Yeah, and when I was single, I should have just dated more supermodels.


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