CC, I respect you and think you're a very solid poster.
by WilfordBrimley (2017-07-13 22:04:30)
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In fact, I've taken a cue or two after you on this board on occasion recently, but I think you're off base here.

The only reason Notre Dame's place has changed since 1993 is because we've had four consecutive mediocre-to-bad coaches and two consecutive sub-par athletic directors.

I'll refer to my post below and say that the context in which we operate isn't all that materially different than it was 20+ years ago, and it, in fact, is probably better in many dimensions. That we've pulled in a #1 and #2 (then subsequently upgraded to #1) overall classes over the last decade, even as ridiculed and mocked and humiliated as we have been, belies that. That we are still top ten-ish in NFL player production belies that. That we can still sell out stadiums from Dallas to New York to Chicago to LA belies that. We have just sucked ass on the actual football field, and the great majority of that is because of coaching. That's the material difference.

I would argue that college football was much more rogue 25+ years ago than it is today: it is far easier to be caught cheating given the digital revolution; players, even elite players, care about academics and life after football more than ever; there is a hell of a lot more social pressure on the sport to be athlete-friendly, something at which we should (still do, to an extent) excel; the social life is much better at Notre Dame than it was then. The only material difference is the scholarship limit spread talent out more and has resulted in more competitive programs. That and the athletic leadership has been absolute dogshit; also, ND fans are soft, but I don't think that's any news to anyone. There are dozens of kids that have gone to Ohio State and Alabama over the last decade that would have had no problem being admitted to ND, were star players, good kids, and good students; they went to those schools because they know those coaches are elite, not because of the tangential stuff.

I don't post that much on this specific board because I don't have that much to add (as some know, I am a fashion, and not football, expert these days) and agree with the sentiment of most of what's posted. It does get old seeing the same old shit posted again and again and again (though, to be fair, I will still chuckle every single time I see "Martin is really going to improve the running game" because I am a 14 year old boy), but I think the place's track record on calling coaches early and clearly speaks for itself. The people with real authority let a closely-held and deeply-inspiring American icon devolve into an entertainment sideshow. There was deep, ferocious, understandable angst, and now it's just turned to apathy. First as tragedy and then as farce and all that.

I don't even agree with the general sentiment around here about how to run an offense because I believe there are a variety of ways to win with a bunch of different offenses as long as a few core fundamentals hold true, but that doesn't mean one can't spot a mediocre coach early and hold him accountable.


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