This is not a marriage.
by Bruno95 (2017-07-13 21:21:31)
Edited on 2017-07-13 21:22:00
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  In reply to: We've only had one decent coach in that entire stretch  posted by Jvan

The relationship analogies fail. You can't save a marriage you've ruined over two decades of neglect and disrespect with a grand gesture or two.

You can save a major sports institution with a few good hires. The Cubs didn't just "not win a World Series" for 107 years. They rarely even threatened over the last 50. They were horrendous. Then they hired the right guy, who hired the right guys. They announced a plan, followed it, caught the breaks you need in sports, and won the World Series. It wasn't impossible. In fact, in their hands, it looked like paint-by-numbers. It was harder than that, but they made it look easy.

All of the errors and incompetence and greed and, now, the outright contempt from Notre Dame Athletics could have been mooted at any one moment with the right hire. Gruden instead of Ty. Urban instead of Weis. Stoops instead of Kelly. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't just bad luck that they failed. The wrong guys were hired as ADs, and they did what the wrong guys do -- they failed. Our current AD is not only bad, he's more secure in his job than any ND AD ever. But he has to go. If he does, ND will get its chance again. Hire the right guy, enable him to hire the right guy, and let them go to work.

There are only so many major college football programs. None of them are beyond failure or redemption.


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