You want to be mad at Kelly.
by Cash (2017-07-13 16:37:09)
Edited on 2017-07-13 19:31:37
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And that's fine. He's a turd and a terrible representative of the University. I understand. But you at some point graduate to the realization that his awfulness is a given and it's the retention of the man that's more the matter now.

So you focus your derision on the arrogant and effete - and "effete" is the perfect word for him - guy with the dreadful kind-of-a-beard. You know, the guy who won't talk to any member of the "press" who doesn't agree to hold his scrotum with their soft palates. The guy with the multi-year plan for the aforementioned turd.

But then you finally get to the real problem and that's Jenkins and the boards of fellows and trustees, who countenance the retention of the two men above even as they oversee the final destruction of this once great thing you loved so much for so long. And you know it's just about dead, and John Jenkins and John Brennan are utterly out to lunch or at least planning the ribbon-cutting ceremony on the half-billion-dollar tomb for what was once Notre Dame Stadium.

I've made roughly the same points before so forgive me for repeating. But with whatever emotional energy I have left for ND football (and it's fading fast) I choose to focus the majority of my ire on those who keep Kelly and Swarbrick employed at my school.



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