What is the point of the persons
by Srock (2015-01-01 16:23:00)
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  In reply to: Those three plays were a microcosm of ND's problems.  posted by cujays96

who populate this board dwelling on those three plays? We all know those plays were clusters, but we don't coach the players. It appears that some posters confuse the responsibilities of the coaches and those of the people who post here. The team played better, but certainly not perfect, football. Obsessing about the mistakes the players made on this board won't correct them, no how hard or long you obsess. Only coaches and players can fix those issues, and we don't fall in either category. And ultimately, say what you want, but Notre Dame beat a team that virtually no one gave them a chance to beat. So, I will rewatch the game several times over the course of the long, cold winter, and I will neither ignore nor discount those three plays, but I will dwell more on the fact that the Irish won a game I didn't think they could win. I am glad I was wrong.


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