Rewatching the bowl game some observations
by dillondoc (2015-01-01 13:58:29)
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1. We have talent. The foundation of the program is solid. Now it's a matter of depth that needs to be addressed on a year to year basis, so called "maintenance" of an outstanding foundation.

2. The OL really had their way with LSU. See above. When we used the talent appropriately, we dominate. We pushed the LSU D 2 yards off the ball routinely.

3. Zaire's presence really made a difference. The posture of the LSU D changed significantly with Zaire in compared to Golson. They pinned their ears back with EG in the game. LSU had to "wait and see" with Zaire in the game. The presence of the threat of running changed the game, especially with the early success of the first drive.

4. Folston is very good, and if Bryant catches up mentally, the potential to really punish teams in the run game is unlimited. They both have "attitude" to pound the defense and soften them up.

5. Zaire's passing game needs to develop the deep threat a bit more. I say this only because we haven't seen anything so if it's already there, great. But that would be icing on the cake offensively.

6. I think BK's ceiling is just being in the conversation. He will never have elite special teams, and it will burn us against teams who are on par talent wise with us but are just better coached because they will have better execution than we do. Thus, my prediction is that we will win a NC when we have a coach with a history of attention to detail with strong assistants in all 3 phases.


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