Excellent thread - my humble opinion...
by ndbob79 (2015-01-01 13:55:37)
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  In reply to: The coaches, based on my criteria  posted by El Kabong

We need a home run hire. There are no guarantees with any hire but there are probabilities to a certain extent. Because of his success at Stanford and the NFL, it is likely Harbaugh will have success at Michigan. His knowledge and pedigree give me more concern than Bo ever did. Because we have made 4 bad hires in a row, my opinion is tempered by the need for a high probability hire. After Saban and Meyer, I do not see one on the list of college candidates. I could be wrong about Patterson and Mullen. If we hire one of them, I hope I am wrong. ND will be much different for them than TCU and Miss St. I do not follow the NFL that closely but if there is a candidate at that level who understands recruiting, academics, and time restrictions, or surrounds himself with assistants who do, then I would not leave them off the list.


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