Golson situation could be interesting.
by NDMike2001 (2015-01-01 13:35:04)
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He will most certainly be offered a 5th year. The question will be how he will handle the offer. He'll surely have thoughts about transferring. The problem is that he'll need to have a full course load in the spring to graduate. I suspect that he'll need tutors and whatever academic assistance is customarily provided to him. If he doesn't accept a 5th year, what kind of resources will be available to him from the department/team? What, if anything, is required of him to stay on scholarship through the spring if he has expressed his intention to transfer?

On the other hand he could indicate an intention to accept the 5th year, but really wait until the end of the semester to decide to transfer. That would likely impact recruiting - or more likely directly impact whether another player on the team is offered a 5th year. If Golson waits until the end of the semester any potential replacement 5th year has probably made a decision to transfer elsewhere. Delaying the decision would also impact valuable spring practice time for Kizer.

I suspect that this will be the beginning of yet another strange off season for the Irish.


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