"Could very well be"
by Irishdemon (2015-01-01 11:36:31)
Edited on 2015-01-01 11:36:46
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  In reply to: Respectfully ...  posted by gadomer

Appreciate your thoughts.

I know Mike Florio wouldn't make up the "Kelly could be an NFL coach real soon" story.

So did it come from Armstrong or somebody in an NFL front office?

My guess is Armstrong. That's all. I could be wrong.

I think when one of the NFL major news breakers tweets out basically that "Kelly could soon be hired by an NFL team" one day after the Music City Bowl, it moves from 'sausage' to warranted discussion.

As for Florio's source? Yes, it's 100% speculation on my part but at the same time, also an educated guess.


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