Craic Back Atcha
by Kayo (2015-01-01 10:43:22)
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  In reply to: Crack Backs Atcha  posted by Bacchus

  • Can the importance of this victory be overstated?

  • Yes and no.

    I’ll bet those Lucky Charms are magically delicious.

  • I have long believed the theory that offensive linemen perform best when they get to fire out and initiate contact most of the time, that they are aggressive by nature and that allowing the defense to initiate most of the contact by putting them mostly in pass blocking situations robs them of their chance to be effective. After first watching the 2014 season and then watching Tuesday’s game, what do you think?

  • I think that Kelly brought in an outside consultant to prepare for the bowl game.

    I thought one of the captains looked out of place during the pre-game coin toss, but I attributed it to the beard.

  • SEC presidents convened an emergency meeting Tuesday night. LSU has been asked to show cause for continued membership in the conference.

  • Given the results of the Peach Bowl, Ole Miss may bump LSU off the agenda.

    Tennessee and Florida better come through lest they fall below the 12 required to have a conference championship game.

  • I think it’s well past the time to discontinue the weekly Bob Davie lampoon, so… How did Brian Kelly, the man with about as much charm as a dead slug, get a bowl game named in his honor?

  • Nice try, Kayo. Royal Purple Bowl? C’mon, admit it. You just made that up.

    Was “Royal” not believable?

  • Les Miles had the best postgame quote. Talking about LSU’s fake field goal that ended in failure after the replay official didn’t overturn the call on the field, Miles said, “The guy that carried the ball for us said he absolutely scored,” Miles said. “And kids will be kids, but this guy is going to tell the truth.” I’m not given to chuckling, but that did the trick.

  • I don’t know what the kid said, but I’m not taking Les Miles’ word for it.

    I actually enjoy Les Miles and, truth be told, the entire Miles family.

  • Good for a lot of people, but especially for Kyle Brindza and Everett Golson, Brindza for making a clutch kick after a rocky season and Golson for getting to make important contributions to the win despite being demoted.

  • To be specific, good for Brindza for making a clutch kick after having missed 6 of 9 in the last five games, and good for Golson for not committing any turnovers after having averaged nearly two per game.

    I really didn’t mean to say good for those guys for not sucking. I’m just a sucker for redemption stories.

  • Malik Zaire’s block on the third touchdown was like an ugly baby - unsightly and beautiful at the same time.

  • A disciplined, heady, unselfish ugly baby. Disciplined in that Zaire carried out the fake to get to the edge of the defense; heady in that he recognized that Folston had bounced the run outside; and unselfish in that he turned to look for a defender and sacrificed his body to make the decisive block.

    And despite all of that, the Southern judge docked him on style points.

  • Sometimes statistics reveal universal truth. The Irish won the turnover stat 1-0 in Tuesday’s game. They had not been on the plus side of turnover margin since the Purdue game on September 13.

  • The Irish also won the boneheaded coaching decision stat 2-1 in Tuesday’s game. They had not been on the plus side of BCD margin since the Michigan game on September 6.

    I fully expect each coach’s demise to earn a Darwin Award.

  • C.J. Prosise's 50-yard TD run is the longest rush by a Notre Dame wide receiver since flanker Rocket Ismail ran 76 yards for a TD at Pitt on Oct. 28, 1990. Prosise’s run took less time, but only about a half second less.

  • Proving once and for all that a rocket sweep is faster than a jet sweep.

    Usually, but not always.

  • This newfangled notion of using the run to create long drives that keep your depleted defense off the field… Well, who would have thought of such a thing?

  • You mean besides every registered poster on NDNation?

    Willful stupidity is something to behold.

  • It’s hard to choose an Jim Harbaugh statistic for this week’s Hardin Award nomination for publishing a nominally true but worthless statistic because there are so many, but I’ll go with the citation of Harbaugh as the only coach to win both the AP NFL Coach of the Year and the Woody Hayes Coach of the Year awards. First of all, there’s a Woody Hayes Coach of the Year Award? Second, scouring a list of obscure awards to find something that is good for Michigan is quintessentially Wolverine.

  • I guess they couldn’t find any such thing as a Fielding Yost Sportsmanship Award. I’d like to nominate Oklahoma’s Assistant AD for Football Communications, Pete Moris. Following the Sooners’ 40-6 mauling by Clemson in the Russell Athletic Bowl, Moris noted that linebacker Ogbonnia Okoronkwo recorded a career-high 1.5 sacks and now has 2.0 in his career. Neither stat is particularly noteworthy, and I suspect that Mr. Moris’ true motivation is that he likes spelling Ogbonnia Okoronkwo.

    ...a lot more than he likes spelling “Morris,” apparently.

  • My choice for the 2014 Hardin Award is New Mexico Assistant A.D. for Communications Frank Mercogliano’s “Air Force has won one straight in the series.” I feel no need to explain why.

  • Boy, that Bob Davie fits hand-in-glove at New Mexico, doesn’t he? As for the Hardin Award, it looks like Michael Bertsch snatched defeat from the jaws of victory when he failed to mention the misleading statistic about Brian Kelly becoming the first Irish head football coach to win at least 8 games in his first 5 seasons. Did Bertsch have a case of the yips, or a sudden bout of conscience?

    Negative reinforcement with a cattle prod appears to work.

  • A question for those who crave the excitement of a pass oriented offense… Was Tuesday’s 89 rush, 40 pass contest between Notre Dame and LSU boring at any point in the game?

  • Well, seeing the LSU Tiger Girls bundled up in bulky sweat suits was a bit of a letdown…

    Maybe, but cold weather does wonders to make shamrocks stand out.

  • Going into the game, I thought it was a no-win situation for Kelly. If the Irish were to beat LSU, we’d be left to wonder why the team fell apart in November; and a loss to LSU would have left us thinking the program was approximately where Charlie Weis left it five years ago. I’m still wondering about the latter; but I’d really like to know what happened behind the scenes to cause the November death spiral.

  • Maybe Kelly moonlights as a pilot for a Malaysian airline.

    Only because stocking groceries didn’t work out.



    Happy New Year, ND Nation!


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