In this particular case Glazer & Schefter were being...
by Irishdemon (2015-01-01 10:31:21)
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  In reply to: I followed the Michigan search far too closely.  posted by Bruno95

… used as pawns (likely by the Raiders) to try and slow down the Harbaugh to Michigan momentum. (My opinion)

Those two were clinging like grim death till the very end that there was still a chance Harbaugh 'could end up in the NFL' and 'there are still NFL teams wanting to talk to Jim Harbaugh".

Some of these reports continued while Harbaugh was either already on the plane to Michigan or at least boarding it.

It certainly wasn't a ploy by Harbaugh's agent considering Harbaugh eventually took less money (for himself anyway) than Michigan was originally offering.

Anyway, in this the case of Kelly. Florio isn't just making it up but it could very well be a PR campaign generated by Trace Armstrong to present Kelly as a hot NFL coaching commodity.


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