Satisfactions and frustrations as the calendar turns...
by Scoop80 (2015-01-01 10:23:36)
Edited on 2015-01-01 10:48:37
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1) 3 of ND's most inspiring bowl wins (1/75 OB, 1/92 Sugar, and '14 Music City) came against SEC teams. While this win came against notably weaker competition that the prior 2, like the prior 2, it came after a regular season that ended very badly.

2) This snippet from a preview of last night's OB summed up why there are so many reasons to be frustrated w/ the past 5 seasons:

"Neither team was built with highly touted recruiting classes (Mississippi State’s past five classes ranked 37th, 26th, 30th, 44th
and 38th by Rivals; Georgia Tech’s ranked 47th, 85th, 57th, 41st and 43rd). And neither is loaded with NFL Draft prospects (Mississippi State’s Prescott and linebacker Benardrick McKinney are the only top 100 prospects, according to"

Needless to say, ND's last 5 recruiting classes dwarf those of these 2 programs.

3) Part of me fears that EG won't return b/c Zaire only has 1 game under his belt, and he won't have a backup w/ any experience. Part of me fears that EG will return, thereby feeding the mad scientist tendencies of our HC.

4) While the LSU win on scoreboard, the FSU win on field, and the MI curb-stomping were all nice, this season could've and should've been a hell of a lot better. The last 2 seasons were largely squandered. There was more than sufficient talent to have gone no worse than 20-6 against these schedules. There was no reason to have gone 17-9.

5) The goal line call that went against ND against FSU at game's end and the goal line call that went for ND against LSU at half's end proved to be critical in both of those games. The rest of the regular season likely would've gone differently had the TD in Tally stood. We'd likely feel that much worse about 2014 had LSU been given the TD in Nashville.

6) We wouldn't be seeing about as many posts here about a potential coaching change as we see about the bowl game were it not for the fact that most of us suspect that BK still has a NFL jones. It would be a lot easier to deal w/ a HC whose ego exceeds his record if we felt that he viewed ND as a destination job.


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