Has this guy signed a NLI yet? If not, he isn't even on
by BAC69 (2015-01-01 10:23:36)
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  In reply to: Jerry Tillery update-position change?  posted by Keenan4w

the team so how can he change positions? Also, since when do players tell the coaches where they will play? Isn't that up to the coaches to figure out based on what they see at practices and on team needs?

I'm guessing Tillery may want to change positions--or he is jerking Kelly around to see what Kelly will agree to--and Kelly is saying "yes" to whatever he wants--at least until he signs then he belongs to Kelly and Kelly will tell him where to play.

With all the defections, broken verbals, etc. it seems that we never really have a player locked down tight, even after signing sometimes.

I guess it is something interesting to read in a slow time, but I find it hard to have much reaction to such articles except to say "Okay, so what else is new?"


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